New Hand-held Hot Wire Foam Cutter

The use of EPS (expanded polystyrene) XPS (extruded polystyrene) and other foam material in construction has become more and more prevalent in the past two decades.  These materials are commonly used in road construction, bridge abutments, roof and wall insulation, stadium seating platform construction and structural fill for weight reduction.  The lightweight nature of the block, the structural stability/strength of the foam material and versatile characteristics of the foam make it ideal for incorporation into a wide variety of sophisticated solutions to construction challenges on sites throughout North America.

One of the challenges that contractors, subcontractors and installers of the foam material face is how to easily and efficiently cut and shape large blocks or sheets of the foam on a construction site while minimizing waste and promoting efficiency.  There’s been demand throughout the industry to develop an easily portable, compact, inexpensive hand-held tool which can easily be used by onsite labor to cut through EPS, Geofoam Block, Roof Insulation and other structural and non-structural foam materials.

Foam Cutters, LLC is a foam cutter manufacturer that has taken what we have learned from EPS manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and professional colleagues into account in the development of the NEW Hand-held Hot Wire Foam Cutter.  We took what we knew about the challenges of cutting and shaping EPS Geofoam and other foam material on a construction site and applied it to the design of this new innovative hand-held hot wire foam cutting construction tool.  This Hand-held Hot Wire Foam Cutter will effortlessly cut EPS quickly, easily and efficiently in a field setting.

Based on prototypes introduced into the industry a decade ago, our team has upgraded and refined and is currently producing the newest HWFC tool.  As a foam cutter manufacturer, Foam Cutters, LLC produces our tool in the USA and distributes it to the EPS industry leaders in manufacturing, block molding and construction sites, large and small, throughout North America.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a user-friendly, reliable, cost effective, compact and easily transportable tool that can be used by onsite laborers at a construction site to quickly cut and shape EPS and other foam materials.

The Hand-held Hot Wire Foam Cutter is the MUST HAVE TOOL for every construction professional working with any type of foam material.