Our Hand-held Hot Wire Foam Cutting tool is available direct from Foam Cutters, LLC.  We encourage you to give us a call at (817) 447-8674 to ask any pre-sale questions, and to get the best pricing! Recognizing the distinct benefit a portable, low cost Hot Wire Foam Cutter brings to the end user; it is also available from many of the nation's largest EPS Manufacturers and Block Molders.

Ready to Place An Order? Have Pre-Sale Questions?

Due to the nature of the uses for our Hot Wire Foam Cutting tool, we find it beneficial to speak with you before you make your purchase. These tools are often purchased for use by a team on a job site - for this we offer custom bulk pricing over the phone. If you have never used a tool like this, you may have questions about whether or not it will work for your job - we are always available for a quick call or e-mail to give you more information. We know our tool inside and out, and are happy to offer tips and tricks for tools you may already have.

(817) 447-8674