Cutting Foam...The Hard Way

For more than 50 years contractors and subcontractors have been incorporating the use of EPS Geofoam and other foam plastics into project solutions. These solutions include road construction, bridge abutments, structural fill weight reduction, insulation and more.

Stock foam is stored and transported in sheets, rolls, and blocks. These are then further refined to match the intended use. This allows for an almost limitless range of potential applications due to the ways in which foam can be shaped and modified. Easily transforming, shaping and cutting the blocks or sheets of EPS / XPS foam in the field has been the challenge.  Until recently, the norm has been to hand saws, chainsaws and other common construction tools.  That is, until the development and distribution of an innovative new XPS / EPS foam cutting tool by Foam Cutters, LLC. The Foam Cutters, LLC tool provides a level of ease and efficiency that other methods and products can’t offer.

Cut to Fit...The Easy Way

Hot Wire Foam Cutting Tool

Foam Cutters, LLC has developed a lightweight, portable and inexpensive Construction Site Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter (HWFC) for use in the field. Our tool is used for cutting EPS and other foam material easily, quickly and without waste or mess.  All that is needed is access to standard AC power.  First, simply insert the Nichrome Wire into the brass tabs on the two ergonomically designed handles of the tool. Next, plug it into an AC current and slowly power up the handle mounted transformer to introduce an electrical current, which will heat the Nichrome Wire. Carefully and slowly set the transformer setting to the appropriate level to effortlessly cut the foam material.