Foam Cutters, LLC

The team at Foam Cutters, LLC applied and refined everything we knew about how to cut EPS and other foam material in the field and incorporated it into a small, portable and user-friendly construction tool.

Our Hand-held Hot Wire Foam Cutter easily answers the need for a construction crew to efficiently shape and cut foam for virtually any construction application.  Foam Cutters, LLC has taken the same basic technology used by the manufacturers. They run the block through a large table adapted with Nichrome cutting wire to cut sheets and blocks of EPS and other foam material for distribution.  Foam Cutters, LLC created a miniature version of the hot wire foam cutting tool to be easily used in the field.  Like the process used by the manufacturers, the Hot Wire Foam Cutter tool introduces an electrical current to a length of Nichrome Wire placed between two handles. This causes the wire to heat up and effortlessly cut through the foam material without any mess or waste. This allows you to get more out of your stock foam material.

We worked from a prototype introduced into the industry over a decade ago. Foam Cutters, LLC manufacturers in the USA and distributes this innovative tool to leading EPS Manufacturers, Block Molders, Contractors and Subcontractors throughout North America.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a reliable, portable, cost-effective and user friendly hand-held hot wire foam cutting tool that can be used by onsite laborers to quickly cut and shape EPS and other foam material.

Manufactured in the USA and distributed nationally, the Foam Cutters, LLC Hot Wire Hand-held Foam Cutter tool is a must-have for every construction professional dealing with the placement of any type of foam material in the field.

Download our Hot Wire Foam Cutter Instruction Guide (Para descargar en español, haga clic aquí.)